Doin’ Time — Lana Del Rey style

When & Where: September 17, 2020 @ The Chapel; Q: Atomic; PAX: Luna, Ranger, 007, Mentor, Canvas, Mad Dog, Jolt, Ace, Nomad, Defender, Keys, McQueen

Disclaimer: Work at your own pace and modify as needed.

The Thang: Lana Del Rey-inspired workout. Series of 3-4 exercises per song, all designed to burn out a muscle group. 

Warm-up: Run lap around chapel 

  1. Summertime Sadness (4:23):  Active stretching, Butt kicks, Jumping Jacks, High Knees
  2. National Anthem (3:00): 
    • Reverse lunge + kick
    • Plank walk out + Mtn climbers + plank walk up + 2 squats 
    • Side lunge pulse 
  3. Blue Jeans – Shoulders: 
    • Shoulder press forward – slow, then fast
    • Curl + shoulder press up + squat
    • Shoulder press diagonal – slow, then fast
    • Bent over row (single, single, double)  
  4. Body Electric (3:54) – Planking the whole time: Side plank dips, Tiger planks, Plank pike ups (2 count and 1 count variations), Single leg sit throughs 
  5. Off to the races (5:00) – Leg burnout: Isolated leg lunge, Regular squats, Monkey humpers, Calf raises 
  6. Florida Kilos (4:16) – Tricep burnout: Tricep pushup 4 count & 2 count, Scorpions 
  7. West coast (4 mins): Step ups, Squat pulses, Bulgarian Split squats, Peter Parkers on incline
  8. Lust for Life (4:24) – In bridge the whole time: 
    • Bridge pulse (2 count) 
    • Single leg bridge pulse
    • Butterfly curls – hold bridge 
    • Bridge pulse (single count) + shoulder press 
  9. White Mustang (2:54) – Outer thighs:
    • Outer thigh leg raise + weights (point foot up on the way up and point foot down on the way down)
    • Outer thigh leg raise – pulses with weights 
  10. Summer Bummer (4:20):
    • Sumo squat, Sumo squat pulses, Squat shuffle 
    • Single step push ups, Shoulder taps 
  11. Doin’ time (3:20) – Wall sit the whole time: added Forward shoulder press, Upward Shoulder press, Handstands

Stretch & Cooldown & Name-O-Rama

Inspiration: Proverbs 4:23: Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Life is too short to live offended, unforgiving, and bitter. You only have so much emotional energy each day. Quit letting what’s on the outside get on the inside, and start guarding your heart.