12 Days of Tiger-mas

Q: Tiger

PAX: Micro, Fromage, Shiplap, 2.0 Paintbrush, Rapking, Hop Along, Tinsel, Queen, Windy, Spike,  Crossrail, Summertime

The Thang: 12 Days of Christmas style workout, completing exercise 1, then 2 and 1, then 3, 2, and 1, and so on until you’ve done all 12 exercises once.

1 50-ft bear crawl

2 skaters or curtsy lunges

3 box jumps or step-ups each side

4 burpees

5 sit-throughs

6 Russian twist, each side

7 pike pushups

8 overhead squats

9 plank kettle bell taps

10 kettle bell swings

11 jump squats

12 plank ups

Inspiration: say something positive about yourself to remind you what makes you so special and awesome.