Bust ur Fanny

When: September 22, 2020

Q: Aria

PAX: Defender, Ace, Glammy, Sunrise, Summertime, Mentor, Dig, Rogue, Ranger, Jolt, Hawkeye, and Luna

The Thang: A PAX of 12 ladies joined me on a crisp fall morning for a cardio and lower body circuit workout to none other than the all female rock group FANNY! We busted our fannies!

Inspiration: “The Art of Listening” – These past few weeks I have been contemplating what the cause is for being uncoachable. I came to the conclusion of listening. We are in the information age where we want to learn more and know more, which I am all for! BUT, with gaining more knowledge one must not think they have all the answers. Remember when we sat and actually listened. When we REALLY listened. I encourage all of you to listen this week whether that be at work or at home or to a stranger. Listen before speaking or even forming a thought for how you will respond. Sometimes we don’t need all the answers.