Gonna Knock You Out!

Warm Up: 3 rounds – 1 minute, 45 seconds, 30 seconds

1-Jacks 2- Scissors 3-Squat-over the chair 4-Inch Worms

The Thang:

Same format as warm up

Round 1 – Shuffle cross punch; 2-Sit up punch; 3-Plank spider knees – punch punch 4- Boat with alternating cross punches and upper punches

Round 2 – Alternating Squat front kicks 2-Flying kicks (switch) 3-Squat alternating knee oblique crunch 4-Balancing front kick-back kick (switch legs halfway)

Round 3 – Push up – punch 2-front punch with jack feet 3-4 speed bags 4 quick jabs 4-high punch low punch high punch low punch switch jump

Inspiration – “Never Lost a Battle” – Elevation Worship (featuring Tauryn Wells) – God has never lost a battle. Let Him fight for you.