Change of Scenery

When: September 26, 2020

Q: Aria

PAX: 007, Glammy, Summertime, Luna, Hawkeye, Rogue, Sunrise, McQueen, Ranger, Package

The Thang: A PAX of 10 ladies joined me this morning for a change of scenery this morning running around Lakeshore park!

Warmup: Jog to the parking lot near the play ground / 20 Runner lunges / 15 Knee circles each direction / 15 hip circles each direction / March with arm crosses (palms facing up) for 20 / 20 arm circles forward and backward / Neck circles 10 each direction (draw circle with your nose) / 10 each leg toe tap cross body and out / 10 each leg toe tap behind in and out

Run the loop in the parking lot to the playground – @ the Playground – 12 step ups each leg / 12 slow lowering pushups in cadence / 12 tricep dips / 12 shoulder taps / 20 mountain climbers

Run the the bottom of the hill – Alternating skip and jog from lamppost to lamppost (hold plank at the top) Repeat stepups / pushups / dips / taps / and climbers in parking lot

Run to the wall – 2 rounds of wall sits for 2 minutes each

Run to HGTV overlook – Lunges at the side walk – Repeat circuit stepups / pushups / dips / taps / climbers – run back to chapel finish with 2 minute wall sit / side plank hold for 20 and 16 dips each side

Inspiration: My inspiration comes for a song in my hymnal that I used to sing with the congregation at church. I haven’t sung this song in years, but this week it kept popping up in my head. It is relevant and something we should continue singing. “We are called to act with justice. We are called to love tenderly. We are called to serve one another, to walk humbly with God!” by D. Haas