Strength / Cardio Combo

Where: The Anchor

When: Oct 10, 2020

Q: Hot Buns

Pax: Shiplap, Tiger, Micro, Windy, Spike, Fromage, Nomad, Nala

The Thang:

6 sets / 2 exercises per combo / 30 Second each exercise consecutively / 20 second rest after each combo complete

  1. Fast Feet / High Knees
  2. Squat hold w/ weight sequence (press out, in, out, in and then up and over) / Crunches w/weight
  3. Burpee w/ 2 squat jacks / Mtn Climbers
  4. Inchworm into tricep push up / Peter Parkers
  5. Sit w/legs extended and raised (around the world and the other way) / Extended body crunch w/weight over head (arms extended)
  6. 2 Side shuffle tap / Jump swuats

Ab-o-Rama finish

COT / Inspiration