Partner and Station Style Workout

AO: The Chapel

When: October 17, 2020

Q: Aria

PAX: Purl, Luna, 007, McQueen, Package, Grizzly, and two new FNGs: Honey and Frenchie

The Thang: These lovely ladies EMBRACED the cold for a partner workout. The word of the morning was audacity and all ladies were encouraged to cheer on their partner and help them through!


5 Stations / 2 rounds / 2 minutes each round / 2 exercises per station (cardio paired with strength)… partner accountability

Round 1 – Cardio and upper body: (1) run down and back / push-ups (2) skips down and back / dumbbells raises (3) Bear crawls forward and backwards / Bicep curl to shoulder press (4) crab walk forward and back / bent over rows (5) side shuffle run jack / and flys

Round 2 – Cardio and lower body: (1) run down and back / sumo squats w or w/o weight (2) skips down and back / kettlebell swings (3) bear crawls / squat with a forward alternating kick (4) crab walk / Bulgarian split squats w or w/o weight (5) side shuffle run jack / sumo squat pulses and calf raises

Abs: 3 sets of 20 heel taps in a V-Sit position with legs bent at 90 degree angle

Cool down stretch!

Inspiration: We need something to remain constant in this ever changing world. What remains constant is our FAITH. French philosopher Pierre de Chardin said “What paralyzes life is lack of faith and lack of audacity.”


CofFiA followed at K-Brew for Pumpkin Pie Lattes!