Foggy Parking Lot Workout

A Pax of 9 joined us this morning as we traveled back and forth across the parking lot with different exercises! Thank you Ranger, Rogue, Luna, Duchess, Summertime, Defender, Purl, & Neon for joining Mentor!
RepsChapel SideAcross the LotRepsOpposite Side
20Step Ups/Knee UpsRun20Bicep Curls
20Butterfly CrunchesGrapevine20Ground to Overhead
20Jump RopesShuffle20Woodchoppers (10 each side)
20Rope Climb Sit UpsToy Soldiers20Deadlifts
20Cross Country JumpsSquat, Squat Shuffle, Squat20Power T/ Scarecrows
20Russian TwistsPower Skips20Tricep Extensions
20Mountain ClimbersRun Backwards20Bent Over Rows
20Spiderman PlanksWalking Lunges20Single Leg Deadlift (10 each Leg)
20Plank JacksSide Squat, Turn, Side Squat20Glute Bridge/Chest Press
20Grave Diggers (10 per side)High Knees over/ Butt Kickers Back20Front Dumbbell Raises
We ended our workout with an inspiration that just as we discipline our bodies through working out, we discipline our minds, our thoughts, our emotions, our will by choosing what we will dwell on and think about. Choose the right questions to answer and the choose to dwell on solutions.