“Smashing Pumpkins”

When: Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Where: The Chapel

Q: Glammy

PAX: Mad Dog, Summertime, ACE, Rogue, Ranger, Luna, Pearl, Defender, and Duchess



-Bend over, touch toes/ Hang out in this position for a few seconds

-Kick feet out in front at pumpkin or weight or an object

-Calf Raises

-Arm circles- both directions x 15

Run or Walk lap around Chapel


Tabata workout- 31 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. 5 sets, RUN/WALK the SQUARES between EACH set.

Set 1: (2:37)

1) Pushups with 1 hand on pumpkin- Right hand

2) Pushups with 1 hand on pumpkin- Left hand

3) Pumpkin Goblet Squats

4) Russian Twists (optional, use pumpkin or weight)


Set 2: (1:56)

1) Over Head Press (use either pumpkin or weights)

2) Deadlifts with pumpkin

3) Sit-ups with pumpkin


Set 3: (1:56) Weights

1) Reverse Flies into Hammer curls

2) Side lunge, alternating sides, weights optional

3) Dead Bugs


Set 4: (1:56)

1) Bent over rows into kickbacks

2) Back lunge with Hammer curls, alternating sides

3) Oblique squats, side to side touch


Set 5: (2:37)

1) Chest Press (on mat)

2) Skull Crushers (on mat)

3) Runner’s Lunges, alternating sides

4) Bridges (weights optional)



End with a 2 minute wall sit, everyone close enough together to reach. Pass pumpkins around during wall sit. Concentrate on abs and also will help pass the time. 😉



Words are so POWERFUL. Whether it be a negative word, or a positive. ONE word or phrase can make or break a day. So think before speaking. I encourage you all to say something nice that will uplift or help to make someone’s day the next time you are at the store or getting a cup of coffee. Don’t be the one to make their day go bad over something you say negative. Be a POSITIVE in someone’s day.