I Want Candy

A fierce PAX of 10 joined me for a Halloween-themed AMRAP at The Chapel this morning! Thank you for showing up, dressing up, and rocking this workout!

When: Halloween 2020

Where: The Chapel

PAX: 007, Duchess, Aria, Jolt, Ranger, Hawkeye, Package, Summertime, Grizzly, Frenchie

Q: Luna

Spider Rolls (10 total) – roll weight from side to side in plank


What: We warmed up with 4 minutes of being chased by Zombies through the woods and in a graveyard 🧟‍♀️

Tha Thang:

Complete 10 reps of the first 2 exercises, then 11 reps of the Jack-o-lantern bonus (for a total of 31 reps). Repeat as many times as possible in 3 minutes 10 seconds. Rest for 31 seconds, and move on to the next set. 

Set 1:

Jumping Jacks

Set 2:

Grave Diggers R

Grave Diggers L

Plank Jacks

Set 3:

Goblet Squats

Skull Crushers

Wacky Jacks

Set 4:

Walking Dead Lunges (10 each leg)

Frankensteins (back to mat)

Seal Jacks

Set 5:

Heismans (10 each side)

Woodchoppers (10 each side)

Star Jacks

Set 6:

Pumpkin Pickers (Squat to overhead press)

Dead Lifts

Scissor Jacks

Set 7:

Dead Bugs

Pass the Pumpkin (Russian Twists)

Crab Jacks

Set 8:


Mummy Kicks

Crossover Jacks

Set 9:

Plie Squats to Calf Raises

Pumpkin Smashers (Carolina Dry Docks)

Squat Jacks

Inspiration: Would you tolerate someone taking to a friend in the same way you talk to yourself? Be kind, especially to yourself. You are made in the image of God!