Body weight HiiT – 45 minute workout

HiiT workout-
Dynamic warm up

The thang: 5 rounds -7 exercises 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest; 1 minute recovery between rounds

Round 1- think hop scotch
Alt Foot taps with hop in middle
Squat alt foot taps (hop)
Alt rear heel taps with hop in middle
Squat alt heel taps (rear)
Alt foot taps and rear taps
Squat alt foot taps squat alt rear taps
4 quick alt foot taps and 4 rear heel taps

Round 2-
Push up to side plank (T)
Mountain climbers – 1,2,3 hold switch
Staggered hand push ups
Plank up downs
Inch worm push up
Hand release push up
Plank wide leg climbers to burpee bottom

Round 3-
5 dots
– run out in out in
-run out in back out in
– forward straddle-middle together-backseats straddle
-jack forward together back together
-add arms like a jack (small squat in middle)
-Squat to star jack
-Star jumps

Round 4-
Right step out squat to step back lunge
Squat to right lunge back (hop/jump)
Left step Out squat to step back lunge
Squat to left lunge back (hop/jump)
Pendulum lunge right
Pendulum lunge left
Alt Lunge hop togethers

Round 5-
Crab walk forward and back
Plank lower knees tricep push up raise knees to plank
Dips with alt knee raise
Bridge to V up
Butt throughs in reverse table top
Dolphin plank rockers
Table top to beast to plank to beast to table top