Happy Veteran’s Day!

Date: 11/11/20; Q: Jolt: Pax: Shiplap, Nomad, Micro, Windy, Hop Along, Fromage, Charcoal, Hocus Pocus, Package, Nala; Disclaimer; Warmup.

The Thang: Eleven sets, 3 minutes each, consisting of six 30-second rounds. The rounds: (1) Side plank with leg raises; (2) Bulgarian split-squats; (3) Push-ups / Cardio; (4) Pistols; (5) Side step-ups; (6) Dips / Cardio; (7) L-hold / Cardio; (8) Hamstring kick-backs; (9) Standing front leg raise (hold); (10) Row-fly combo / Cardio; (11) Single leg deadlift (hold).

Inspiration: Kindness Prayer courtesy of Sacred Heart Cathedral School – Bless my eyes to see goodness, Bless my words to speak kindness, Bless my heart to feel compassion and Bless my soul to radiate love. Amen.