Frosty Dora ABC’s & 123’s

A PAX of 4 gathered in 23 degree temps to exercise at our Valley location!
Canary, Canvas, Purl, & Mentor

DORA ABC’s & 123’s = Partners work together to reach cumulative exercise goals for Arms, Booty, Cardio / Core in reps of 100, 200, and 300. Partner 1 executes as many reps as possible while partner 2 runs 100 yards and back switching back and forth until the team goal is reached.


Arms – 100 Bicep Curls to Lateral Raise (Power T)

Booty – 200 Donkey Kicks

Core – 300 Bicycle Crunches


Arms – 100 Tricep Extensions

Booty – 200 Fire Hydrant

Core- 300 Grave Diggers

With only a 45-minute workout we didn’t make it to DORA 3. We finished up with some windmills, toy soldiers, and knees to elbows.

For our inspiration this morning we talked about this week of Advent being all about the Hope that we have as believers.