WHEN: 12/3/20

WHERE: The Chapel

Q: Hawkeye

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional. Stay at your own pace and modify when needed.

PAX: Luna, McQueen, Rogue, Neon, Duchess, AT, Wildlife, 007, Mentor

The Thang: “ARM”ageddon/Intermittent Cardio/”AB”ageddon to finish.

WARM UP: Jumping Jacks, arm stretches (forward and backward), shoulder stretch and a run.

The PAX were presented with 26 ARM specific exercises, with each exercise assigned a letter A-Z and 3 were assigned with a number. We went around the circle and spelled out the name of the PAX member by doing the corresponding exercises for each letter of that person’s FiA name. Because some letters started to overlap the further along we got with each member, we started picking the letters above or below that had not been completed yet. In between each spelling exercise, we did a run or high knees or jumping jacks. We ended with a concentrated ab workout with 10 different exercises completed 20 of each with a few only doing 10 to account for the time.


  1. Wall sit shoulder press
  2. Diamond press (palms facing)
  3. Tricep press (palms facing)
  4. Curtsy lunge pulse & press (right then left)
  5. Chest Press
  6. Upright row (alternate left and right foot going back)
  7. Alternating push up with leg up
  8. Single side crusher (left then right)
  9. Chest fly single leg bridge (left for 10 then right for 10)
  10. Tricep kick back on knee – alternate leg up and hold (left then right))
  11. Forward row one leg – push back –suspend knee up and hammer curl up
  12. Wide curls
  13. Pike Push Up
  14. X Over Curls
  15. Skull crushers
  16. Tricep Push Up (on knees – 10)
  17. Pizza Serve
  18. Tricep dip
  19. Chest press
  20. Upright row
  21. Lateral to frontal (10 total)
  22. Bicep curl halfway
  23. Supine row
  24. Plie squat with curl
  25. Rear Delt Fly
  26. Side lunge and back up to shoulder press

007 = (0) Zottman curl, (0) Tricep kickback with a  twist and (7) Bicep Curl in Stationary Bear Crawl


  • Crunch (simple)
  • Butterfly crunches
  • Crunch with toe tap (alternate)
  • Crunch knee to toe
  • Side obliques left
  • Side obliques right
  • Arms straight out and up
  • Leg climbers (10 each side)
  • Reverse Crunch
  • Dolphin hops (10)

INSPIRATION: The inspiration was the FiA ladies in general and specifically each one present. The Q individually called out each PAX lady present and said what was inspiring about each and every one.