Strength Cardio Combos

Warm up – 2 laps and dynamic stretching

The Thang: 1 minute strength; 30 seconds cardio – repeat, recovery 30 seconds – 9 rounds

  1. plank row row – curl curl; jack knee jack knee
  2. lunge – one arm curl and one arm press with knee raise; alt. side lunge with jump in middle
  3. dead lift to squat thrust; skaters
  4. squat for 3 curl press; alt. jack hacky sack
  5. lateral plank walk with push up; jump rope 4 high knees and 4 butt kicks
  6. Weighted oblique stretch to balancing lateral raise; hiccups
  7. bridge one weight chest press overhead with knee raise and lower – alternate; squat jacks
  8. lay downs to alternating crab touch; shuffles
  9. flow – plank low lunge high lunge plank switch sides; burpee

Cool down and stretch

Inspiration: “Your limitless love causes me to see the narrowness of mine, Lord Jesus. Fill me with your loving spirit.” – Billy Graham