Luna’s Favorite Things

A stellar PAX of 10 joined me on my birthday eve for a workout filled with my favorite things!

Who: Summertime, Aria, Duchess, 007, Hawkeye, Superwoman, Star Lord, Canvas, McQueen, Grizzly

Q: Luna

Where: The Chapel

When: 12/5/20

The Soundtrack: some of the Billboard Hot 100 from 1985

Tha Thang: Warm up with a run to the stop sign. 35 wide squats. Run to the other stop sign. 35 narrow squats with a twist. ✅ today’s #monthlychallenge!

9 sets of Tabata-style pairs, 25 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Repeat each pair 4 times and rest 35 seconds between sets. Finish with birthday burpees!

Tri dips/Cross Jacks

Bicep Curls/Jumping Jacks

Bridge Flies/ Mtn Climbers

Superwomen/Dead Bugs

Tick Tocks/Squat Jumps

Pendulum Lunges/High Knees

Donkey kicks/Line Jumps

Hydrants/Butt Kickers

Russian Twists/Mummy Kicks

Inspiration: we are called to be encouragers to others, even when we don’t quite feel like it. Being encouraging to one another is one of the best ways to share the love of Jesus! Thank you for being so encouraging to me!