12 Days of Christmas – Ladder workout

When: December 12, 2020

Q: Aria

PAX: 007, McQueen, Hoot, Grizzly, Sunrise, Ranger, Duchess, Summertime, Luna, Hawkeye, Canvas, Atomic, Package, & Snapshot

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional!

The Thang: Warm-up — 12 Days of Christmas Ladder (1) 50 High Knees (2) Bicep Curls (3) DB Tricep Extensions (4) Push-ups (5) BURPEES (6) Duck Walks (7) Squat with a side leg lift (8) Sumo Squat holding DB (9) Side to Side ski jumps (10) Squat Jumps (11) Mountain Climbers (12) Dumbell runners — The magic number was 12!! Finished with Core (2x) — Dead bugs, scissor kicks, Heel touch, Toe touches, side planks dips, superwoman — Cool down

Inspiration: Look for the blessings this week. We all have a lot going one right now, and this season is still unknown and bringing many changes. There’s always an opportunity to be present. When we are present, we might notice those blessings!!