Christmas Circuits

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional, workout at your own pace, and modify as needed.

Warm up: Long run around the chapel, both stop signs, and dynamic movements in lower parking lot (skips, high knees, gallops, shuffles).

The Thang: 5 Circuits 5 minutes each:)
1) The Reindeer Romp – Run across parking lot and do 10 jumping jacks – run back and do 3 polar bears (bear walks forward and backward on mat) – repeat for 5 minutes

2) Strength Train (Like Max in The Grinch) – 10 of each (10 each side)

SLDL to knee raise with curl (right – 10); (left – 10)

Upright row to front arm raise

Row to Fly

3) Santa Sprint – farmer carries with weights

– Walk with weights to the first curb (make sure to squat from knees); leave weights – run back to start and back to weights; pick up weights and walk to the next curb – leave weights, run back to start and back to weights – continue to end of parking lot and restart for 5 minutes

4) Chimney Work – (in chapel on benches) – 10 of each (10 each side)

Right leg step up, left leg step up


Sit and Stands

Decline Push Ups

5) 8-10 minutes total – 12 Days of Core-mas


2-Plank up downs

3-Butterfly Crunch

4-Bird Dogs

5-Low plank rockers

6-Angry Penguins


8-Dead Bugs

9-Heels to the Heavens

10-Plank knee lowers


12-Super womans

Stretch and Cool Down

*Inspiration – The Christmas Star comes this year in the midst of chaos, social unrest, and political turmoil – just as it did the year Jesus was born. The star shone the way for the Magi to see Jesus. Make sure to really “see” the star and understand that Jesus is the Light in our dark world (in our dark year) and know that He is our Hope.