Apples (core) & Bananas

Saturday, Dec 19, 2020 – The Anchor

Q: Hot Buns

Pax: Micro, Lake Life, Nomad, Purl, Cross Rail, Proton, Tinkerbell, Shiplap, Package, Windy, Hocus Pocus, Hop Along, Mentor

Disclaimer / Warm Up

the Thang:

6 sets of 2 exercises. 30 seconds each nonstop, repeat 3 times for a total of 3 consecutive minutes. Rest for 30 seconds

  1. Side shuffle Tap / Lunge forward, lunge backward, plyo lunge repeat other leg
  2. Burpees / Squat hold (5sec) 5 squats Squat hold (5sec) repeat
  3. Leg lifts / Donkey Kicks
  4. High Knees / Crunches
  5. Glute bridge / Russian Twist slow, fast twist, slow twist return with weight
  6. Jump squat/ Standing glute kick back

End with Ab o Rama

Motivation / COT