Backblasts, The Chapel

21 Park Tour

A bright and cheerful PAX joined me at The Chapel to kick off 2021 with a traveling workout!

PAX: Duchess, 007, Sunrise, Ranger, Grizzly, Neon, Rogue, Package, Aria, Canvas

Q: Luna

AO: The Chapel

The Thang: All counts are to 21.
Arm Circles and dynamic stretching
Jog to the next parking lot. Power Skip between light poles & back. Side Shuffles between light poles. Toy Soldiers between light poles.
Jog to the flag pole at the ball field. Squat pulses in cadence. Butt Kicks in cadence.
Jog to the first set of bleachers. Tricep Dips. Split Squats each side.
Jog to the next set of bleachers. Incline Pushups. Mountain Climbers in cadence.
Jog to the sharp curve in the path. Dry Docks. Jumping Jacks in cadence.
Walk to the overlook and grab a spot on the railing. Standing Side Crunches each side. Single Leg Deadlifts each side. Calf raises.
Walk back to the paved path, then jog back the way we came. Stop behind the batting cages. Monkey Humpers. Squats. Sumo Squats. Tick Tocks.
Jog to the bleachers. Standing Donkey Kicks each side. Standing Hydrants each side.
Jog to the next set of bleachers. Side Lunge Pulses each side.
RUN to the flag pole. Shoulder Taps.
Walk back to Chapel to cool down.

Inspiration: All those things we’re looking for, they are right here where we are. “We do not need to wait to be richer, skinnier, smarter, braver, more experienced or have better things, more time, a bigger house, a better job, etc. to start the work of digging into what we truly want in life…ultimately joy and meaningful contribution.” –@etst on Instagram