Ladies of the 80s Workout

Warm Up – Dynamic Movement – Jog with high knees, shuffles, butt kicks, tin soldiers, skips, gallops, etc.

The Thang: 40 minute workout – work at own pace doing 80 of each of the following exercises (broken up in any way) with a break to run every 4 minutes.

Jumping Jacks

Push Ups


Sit Ups


Squat Jumps

Shoulder Taps


Side Lunges

Standing elbow to opposite Knee

Burpees or Hiccups

Lunge hops or Reverse Lunges

Plank jacks

Dead Bugs

Beast with lateral leg press


Mountain Climbers


Step Ups

Tricep Push Ups

80 of each of these – any way you want to break these up….every 4 minutes the alarm will sound – take a lap – your choice!!!

Inspiration: What is your word for 2021?