A Week In A Day Challenge!

I am not a trained professional. Modify, challenge, and adjust as needed for you!

Warm-Up: A bit wonky like the start of any week: Butt-Kickers, Lunge Twists, and something else I can’t recall now – remember, I’m not a trained professional.

The Thang: Complete the exercises for each “day”. If you finish your count and others are still working, hold plank, hold squat, hold V, etc. until all in the Pax are ready to move forward. One minute of your selected cardio (Jacks, High-Knees, Mountain Climbers, etc.) between “days”.

20 Squats

15-Second Plank

25 Crunches

35 Jumping Jacks

15 Lunges

25-Second Wall Sit

10 Sit Ups

10 Butt Kicks

5 Push Ups


10 Squats

30-Second Plank

25 Crunches

10 Jumping Jacks

25 Lunges

45-Second Wall Sit

35 Sit Ups

20 Butt Kicks

10 Push Ups


5 Squats

40-Second Plank

30 Crunches

50 Jumping Jacks

25 Lunges

35-Second Wall Sit

30 Sit Ups

25 Butt Kicks

10 Push Ups


35 Squats

30-Second Plank

20 Crunches

25 Jumping Jacks

15 Lunges

60-Second Wall Sit

55 Sit Ups

35 Butt Kicks

20 Push Ups


25 Squats

60-Second Plank

30 Crunches

55 Jumping Jacks

60 Lunges

45-Second Wall Sit 40 Sit Ups

50 Butt Kicks

TGIF! And Stretch, stretch, stretch!

We all can pause and wait for others, reach out to help, or simply let others know we’re available to them. How can I be of service to another today?

I am so grateful to each of you – let me know if you ever need me!