HiiT IT!

Warm up – 5 minutes cardio

The Thang:

7 exercises – 45 seconds work; 15 seconds rest; 45 seconds recovery

Round 1 – 2x

Bear crawl forward and backward on mat with pushup

dead lift, row and fly

8 quick feet; 8 mountain climbers

upright row to shoulder press

lunge hops

plank rows; bicep curls (2 of each)

squat, squat jump

After 2 rounds – 3 minute cardio boxing

Round 2 – 2x

pistol squat crunch- alternating

dead man pushups

narrow to wide squat jumps

beast kick throughs

Squat jump twists

rocket push ups

broad jump high knees back

*Burpee challenge – 25 burpees in 3 minutes

Final Round – 1x

SLDL row, curl, press – right leg

SLDL row, curl, press – left leg

kickback to overhead press

froggers (monkey humpers)

table pull throughs

banana rolls

plank hold

Inspiration – “Make time for friends”

Stretch and Name-o-rama