Small Bands, Big Muscles

2/3/21 at The Anchor

Roll Call: Nomad, F-stop, Rapking (Q), Windy, Micro, Shiplap, Tinkerbell, Fromage, Quest


Loosen those shoulders for this workout! Arm circles, etc.

10 Good mornings

20 Calf raises

20 High knees

The Thang

We used loop therapy bands for our main exercises. 3 sets of each exercise of :40 on and :20 rest. In between exercises, we did a set of burpees or jumping jacks to stay warm.

Plank raises – Full plank position with band being held with both hands across – raise your arm one at a time while planking and holding on to the band

Shoulder abduction – Band around your wrists – arms straight out and keep them straight while pushing outward and back in

Front raise – Put the band around your shoe with your foot on the ground and your knee up. Lay the other leg straight. With the opposite hand of the foot that has the band on it, lift the band up with your palm down. Do this 3x each side, so should have a total of 6 sets for this.

Behind pulls – Band around your wrists and arms start straight up, then pull down and out while pinching your shoulder blades together.

Face pull – Also do this one for both sides, so 6 sets total – Hold the band straight out with one hand and pull it back with the other hand, as if you are flipping a rubber band at a classmate back in high school (yes, Nomad very much did this tonight – LOL). Keep pulling it back and forward as if you are about to shoot a bow and arrow.

We ended the night with an ab circle. We took turns picking out an ab exercise for 15 reps each.


This is from a chapter in John G. Miller’s QBQ book:
We make a tremendous fuss when a Hollywood star, sports figure, pop singer, or politician gets out of line. “Shame on them!” we say, for being such a bad role model for the children. But in reality, no public figure is a role model for our kids. That’s our job – yours and mine. It’s a humbling realization at times, but it’s the truth.
It’s equally true for all of us. No matter what our role, someone is watching and emulating our behavior and we may be influencing them through our choices and actions.
Modeling is the most powerful of all teachers.
The QBQ (question behind the question) for each of us is, “How can I set a better example?”
Who’s watching you?