Full Body Tabata-ish

Date: 27 February 2021

PAX: Q – Tiger, FNG Hibiscus, Purl, Micro, Velvet, Package, Fromage, Shiplap, virtual PAX Hop Along, Nala, Nomad, Doc, Tinkerbell, Hot Buns, 2.0 Gymnast

The Thang:

Warm up

I am not a trained professional! Work out at your own pace and modify to suit your needs

30s on, 15s off x 8 rounds, alternating exercises:
Burpees — Speed bag
Squat – lunge with jumps — DB curl to press 
Single arm DB snatch — Side lunge – knee 
Push-up two ways (wide-narrow or arm on dumbbell) — Lunge – kick

30s on, 15s off x 4 rounds, alternating exercises:
Jabs — Upper cuts
Sit-throughs — Abs of choice 

Inspiration Name-o-rama
We out✌🏻