Move and Groove-a-palooza

Traveling Warm Up with dynamic movements

5 minute EMOM – 5 Super Duper Burpees – row, row, plank jack, plank jack, push up, squat press

Move and Groove-a-palooza time – moving timed workout at your own pace

30 minutes: Moving around the square with walking lunges, shuffles, and sprints to the following stations:

Step Ups, Curb Taps, Mountain Climbers, Squat Jumps, Dips, Lunge Hops – first lap = 25 each lap go down by 5 reps

After a lap complete one set of exercises at your mat:

10 of each –

Lap 1 – curls, hammer curls, serves

2- upright rows, front arm raise, shoulder press

3-kickbacks, tricep extensions, tricep push ups

4-rows, flies, superwomans

5-bridge chest press, bridge chest flies, push ups

Plank Movement Challenge: Long Cool Woman (in a black dress)

Plank Hold, Plank move right for 4, Plank move left for 4 – repeat

4 cross overs, 4 toe touches, repeat

Boat Hold

Back and forth the entire length of the song

*Inspiration: Happiness is a Sad Song – What is your happiness? Listed things that bring us joy – Find your Joy in Jesus Today:)