Over Carl Cowan and Through the Woods…

Roll Call: Nala, Doc, Tinkerbell, Hop Along, Package, Micro, Superwoman, Rapking (Q), Nomad, Shiplap

Today was about exploring the park with the beautiful views before the time changes. We met during the hour just before sunset and the trees were still open to see the waters.

20 calf raises
20 squats
20 jumping jacks

We walked the 1/2 mile stretch through the woods to the Admiral Park side and started with mountain climbers and ended with planks.

Other stations as we walked back:

Tricep dips (with benches) and switched out with side crunches
Push-ups with cut tree logs
Wall sit against the trees
Lunges from one station to another

To make sure everyone got their reps in, have everyone do another exercise after they’ve finished. For example, when everyone was done with 30 push-ups, we did squats so we could see when everyone was finished and keep everyone moving.

We walked down to the boat ramp for the view and inspiration.

From the QBQ! book by John Miller:
“One of the guiding principles of the QBQ (question behind the question) is “The answers are in the questions.”…If we ask ourselves a better question, we get a better answer…But how can we tell a good question from a bad one?…
1. Begin with “What” or “How” (not “Why,” “When,” or “Who”).
2. Contain an “I” (not “they,” “we,” or “you”).
3. Focus on action.
“What can I do?” for example…It begins with “What,” contains an “I,” and focuses on action: “What can I do?””