Superset Saturday (Bodyweight)

When: Saturday, March 20, 2021; Q: Jolt; PAX: Ranger, Hawkeye, Canvas, 007, Codevalier, Polish, Grizzly, Frenchie, McQueen, Luna, Mentor, Aria, Purl, Duchess, Atomic, FNG Dupont, FNG Presto

Disclaimer, Warmup

The Thang: Bodyweight supersets with some fun hill running mixed in. For each superset, alternate between two exercises every 30 seconds. Four-minute supersets: 1. Squat with one leg up on curb / curtsy lunges or skaters; 2. Mountain climbers on curb / reverse plank with leg lifts; 3. Bulgarian split squats on curb / lunges (reverse or runner); 4. Pushup, jump feet in and back out to plank / straight-leg dips.

Cooldown, Inspiration: Ephesians 4:31-32