Another HiiT – Let’s do it!

Traveling dynamic warm up -at mat work in all exercises with warm up

Inchworm-push up-hop squat jump-push up-inchworm back jump-repeat

Squat to cross feet

Crab reach-crab kick touch -alt sides

Hacky sack heel touches

Squat touch middle lunge hands up-alt

8 high knees, 8 mountain climbers

Kicker push ups-alt


Curb to curb run- each time add 10 curb taps – for entire song


Squat squat jump

R,L, Both Kickback

Jack to alt lunge hop

Lat raise to front arm raise with alt lunge

Alt Squat jack touch downs

R,L, both overhead press


Curb run – each time add 10 curb runs for entire song

Final round – 30 seconds each

Standing weighted oblique crunch – R

Boat with curls

Standing weighted oblique crunch -L

Alternating mermaid crunches

Sprinter abs

Dolphin to plank

3 legged dog with twist to ground rotation – alternating

Inspiration: song by Church of the city – “God Turn It Around”