Just Keep Moving!

This beautiful Pax of 10 joined me (Canvas on Q!) at the Anchor for a perfect evening of Sisters, burning muscles, gratitude, and 80s music! Thank you Velvet, Jolt, 007, Tinkerbell, Rapking, 2.0 Paintbrush!, Package, Micro, SuperWoman, and Vanilla Ice!

I am not a trained professional. Most of these exercises can be completed with numerous modifications, so please adjust as needed for your abilities.

Partner 1:

Run to station 1

Complete 20 Bulgarian squat pulses each leg – Feel free to go slow and feel the burn!

Run to station 2

Complete 20 burpees

Run to station 3

Complete 20 no-hand get-ups or plank-to-catcher pop-up

Run to station 4

Complete 20 bleacher-lean glute bridges

Run back to partner and switch!!!

Partner 2:

Just keep going until your partner returns then switch with them!!!

Russian twists – 10

Hello Dolly’s – 10

Peter Parkers – 10

Grave diggers – 10

Plank shoulder taps – 10

Big Girl Sit-ups – 10

Candle sticks – 10

Tick-tocks- 10

*repeat until your partner gets back – don’t stop moving unless you’re holding plank!!! 

Repeat for time!

Inspiration: “Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.” Matthew 12:34

What you fill your heart with will be what you express with others. I pray you fill your hearts with love, joy, and gratitude so more of the same can be shared… and thank you in advance!