Ring of Fire Birthday workout!!

When: Saturday, Mar 27, 2021

Where: Anchor

Q: Hot Buns

Pax: Nomad, Nala, Sriracha, Shiplap, Micro, Cookie, Palmetto, Tinkerbell, Hibiscus, Doc, Tiger, Paintbrush, RapKing, Fromagge, Sumemrtime, McQueen, Purl

Disclaimer / Warmup

4 sets of 11 hiccup burpees

Pull up bars. While one athlete is doing 22 pull ups, the rest of the Pax would do aan exercise until she is finished. Once she was finished, next athlete would pull up and exercise would change.

alternate exercises between abs, cardio, strength, arms, legs etc.

once everyone completed, we repeated with 11 pull ups and same exercise rotation.

ending with 44 hiccup burpees.

Inspiration / Namarama