3 minutes of warm up moves

20seconds – 3 sets with intensity increase each set – 20 seconds rest

1-push up knee knee, push up knee, push up knee tuck
2-Charleston, charleston with a touch, highest intensity

3. squats, squat with arm raise and calf raise, jump Squats
3-sprinter abs – all left, all right, alternating
4-alt reverse lunge, lunge jump together lunge, lunge hops
5-repeat Charleston series on other leg
6-alt side lunges, add a touch across, add a chest to ground burpee
Rest an extra 20 seconds

Repeat Set

1-jacks, squat jacks, star jumps
2-dips, dip with crab kicks, all kicks
3- jog in place, high knees, quick feet
4-plank to pop squat, add a jump, add a push up
5-crunches, reverse crunches, both
6-jack with hacky sack, hacky sacks with hop, continuous hacky sacks
Rest an extra 20 seconds

Repeat Set

inspiration: “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” – Exodus 33:14