Strength-Cardio Blast

The valley workout:

One weight-

⁃ Swing squat transition

⁃ Alt one arm man maker

⁃ Goblet squat to dead lift

⁃ RL-One leg row curl press

⁃ Alt lunge with weight in center

⁃ SL-One leg row curl press

⁃ Weighted toe touch crunch

*Tabata 8×20 seconds run, 10 seconds rest

⁃ Alt Leg under push up

⁃ Lateral Crab walk

⁃ Rocket push ups

⁃ Alt Crab kick

⁃ Carolina dry dock to kick up

⁃ Dip to table top

⁃ Hand release push up, push up

⁃ *Tabata 8x20seconds run, 10 seconds rest Repeat everything from above- with a lap in between

Inspiration: Romans 8:37 “You are more than a conqueror.”