ABBCs – Agility, Balance, Banana & Core

When: 04/08/21; Q: Jolt; PAX: Roadrunner, Glammy, Ranger, Canvas, Hawkeye, Summertime, Rogue & 007

Disclaimer: Move at your own pace and modify if needed.

Mobile warmup

The Thang: Four-minute sets, alternating between two exercises for 30-second intervals. 1. Jump squat-cross jack / Thrusters; 2. Heisman runners / Reverse lunge with row; 3. Hesitation run / Diagonal reverse lunge with fly; 4. Hopscotch / Sumo deadlift; 5. JJs / Sumo squat with V press; 6. Side shuffle touch down / Lateral lunge with row; 7. Quick feet with toe taps / Single leg deadlift to curtsy lunge & curl. Ten plank leg swings each side to finish.


Inspiration: “Nothing can be done without hope or confidence.” -Helen Keller