PAX: Aria, Superwoman, 007, Ranger, Tater, Grizzly, Jolt, Canvas, Codevalier, Neon, Roadrunner, Sunrise and Duchess


The PAX started with a warm up series of arm circles; heel to butt, high knees, torso rotation, around the world and hip flexor stretch. We broke into TEAM 1 and TEAM 2. Tennis balls were numbered 1-20 with 2 bonus “blank” balls and placed in a container at the end of the parking lot. Each team had a cheat sheet of what exercise corresponded to the number on the tennis ball. The blanks were 15 burpees! The timer was set for 10 minutes and 30 seconds and while one member of each team ran down to the container to retrieve a ball, the other members stayed back and did jumping jacks. The retrieved balls were placed in a crate each team had by their workout station. Once each team was back together they did the corresponding exercise on the tennis ball. The rule was a new ball could not be retrieved until all team members completed the exercise. They could tag team out to help those who couldn’t finish or do surpluses so that all could get done. After 10 minutes and 30 seconds, there was a break. The teams switched out the crates and another 10 minutes was set. The game continued with each team now pulling balls out from the crate the other team already completed so that all exercises were done. After that round was over, the remaining balls that were in the original container (there were 5) were done together as a group. The idea was not necessarily to compete against the other team for a “win” – it was competing against oneself.

We followed that up with the CHA CHA SLIDE Plank Challenge (2 minutes and 15 seconds+!!). With the time remaining we did a bonus of Ab-a-Rama with 6 PAX members calling out ab sets of 20 each.

We ended with a cool down of a tricep stretch, shoulder stretch, hamstring stretch, quad stretch, etc.

INSPIRATION: You cannot pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first so that you are present for others. EXODUS 33:14: “My presence will go with you and I will give you rest.”