3 x 6 and that’s it!!

where: Anchor / Sat April 10, 2021

Q: Hot Buns

Pax: Nomad, Micro, Paintbrush, Package, Tinkerbell, Freestyle, Cookie, Nala, Pipes, Windy, Fromage, Tiger and Shiplap

Warmup / Disclaimer

6 sets of exercises / 3 exercises in each set / 3 rounds each / 30 seconds each exercise/ 30 second rest after each set complete

Plank walk w/ push-up / Plank Jack w/ shoulder tap / Plank walk w/ pushup

Straight arm raise w/ Weight / Lateral Arm raise / Straight arm raise

Straight sit V lift / Scissor kicks w/ weight / Straight sit V lift

Squat w/ weight / Squat hold / Squat w/ weight

Tricept extension / Curl / Tricep extension

Left side V sit up / Crunches / Right side V sit up

COT / Namarama