Warm up – dynamic movement

10 rep amraps with run

-10 reps of each then run and back- repeat for 8 minutes

-Push up roll push up roll

-Carolina dry docks or dive bombers

-Alt Squat curtsy lunge

-Alt Crab kick touch with dip

-V ups

Next round –

-chest flies with leg drop

-upright row to front arm press

-squat pulse for three with jump


-full body crunch

Third round-

-push up row row

-lateral press

-pendulum lunge

-crab walk forward and backward

-boat with single arm curls

Fourth round –

-chest press inward grip to skull crusher

-Arnold press

-wide to narrow squats

-curl serve

-dead bugs

Fifth round-

-push up with alt leg under

-y press

-side lunge with knee

-row to fly

-star fish

Sixth round-

-alt one arm chest press with feet up

-curl to press

-side lunge to reverse lunge

-tricep extensions

-mermaid crunches

Pray for our community….pray hard for those that are hurting and for healing and peace.