Tag, You’re It

04/16/21 at The Chapel

Roll Call: McQueen, Velvet, Summertime, Aria, 007, Ranger, Duchess, Takeout, Strings (FNG), Canvas, Package, Rapking (Q)


Feet shoulder width apart, reach to ground and hold

Arm Circles

10 Good Mornings

5 fire hydrants each leg

5 donkey kicks each leg

Butt Kicks cadence

The Thang

Partner up! You need an accountability partner to go back and forth. While Partner 1 works on the Upper Body/Core board, Partner 2 works on completing 1 exercise lap on the Lower Body board. Once Partner 2 completes the first exercise, they tag out with Partner 1 at the Upper/Core station. Remember where you left off at the Upper/Core station because you will pick that back up from where you left off.

Repeat the board if you get that far.

We’ll do this for 30 minutes.

Upper/Core Station

Do 10 reps each exercise the first time, then 20 reps on second round, then 30 reps on third round, then start over.

Lower Station

Complete the first lap, then tag out with your partner. The next time you get to the Lower station, do lap 2, then tag out back to the Upper/Core station, etc.

We added a timed :40 on/:20 rest (3 sets):

  • Marching Glute Bridge w/ Chest Press
  • Reverse Flys to Rows
  • Double Push-up Plank Tap (each foot to each side)


1:00 Plank

Bicep Stretch (fingers locked behind your back and bend over, reach over your head)

Across shoulder stretch

Triceps stretch

Hip stretch


We don’t have to be alike to be friends. We just have to care about each other.

There are a lot of sides to everything recently, whether it’s the COVID shot, wearing a mask, or this week’s school shooting. It’s okay to be passionate about your beliefs but you know to tone it down when it starts making you judge the ones you love. Caring about each other and just leaving it at that is what makes us better together and stronger together.

Prayer requests and circle.