Banded Strength and Cardio Combo

Cardio set – lines
Run over and back
Zig zag lateral jumps
Run forward and backward with touch
Front and back jumps

Banded leg jack alt touch down
Squat step in front squat step behind – alt
Alt lunge jump together
Alt Side lunge to jump
Squat alt leg lifts

Cardio set –
Poles-lines 45 seconds on – 15 walk
Run/jog = poles

Plank with lateral arm step out
Jack with arms up in out in
On knees – arms up and down with core
Jack with serve arms
Standing knee pull in – switch sides halfway through

Cardio Set-
Curb taps
Curb runs
Wide leg taps
Jack up jack down

Core with bands-
Side plank with leg lift
Side plank with leg lift
Bridge with abduction and a sit up
Beast with abduction
Dead bug