JLo Bod

5/3/21 at The Anchor

Roll Call: Fromage, Hop Along, Takeout, Shiplap, Nala. Micro, Package, Nomad, Velvet, Tinkerbell, Rapking (Q)


1:00 plank

5 fire hydrants each leg

5 donkey kicks each leg

10 scapular push-ups

Cadence with high knees

The Thang

Mats and dumbbells recommended

Today’s workout was all inspired by Jennifer Lopez. I researched what JLo’s trainers have her do and we copied them or modified them to fit our outdoor needs. I even used a JLo exclusive playlist and inspiration.

Timed workout with :30 on and :20 rest

We went through the board with 3 sets of each, then 2 sets of each, then 1 set

The Board


Leg Lifts

Pull-down w/ Twist (this mimicks the cable pulls)

Tricep Kickbacks

Goblet Platypus Walk (plie squat with goblet hold on DB, waddle forward a few steps, then backward a few steps while holding the squat position)


Plank w/ DB Kickback (full plank with one DB – hold your plank with one hand down and the other doing a tricep kickback – switch sides for each set)


“It’s the messy parts that make us human, so we should embrace them too – pat ourselves on the back for getting through them rather than being angry for having gotten into them in the first place.”