The Chapel

Stronger Tomorrow

MAY 11,2020

The Chapel

Q: Glammy

Pax: Ranger, Hawkeye, Rogue, Duchess, Deluge, Luna, Canvas, Defender, Mentor, McQueen, Summertime


-Jump side to side


-Bend down/stretch into down dog

-Open/close gate x4 each side/each direction

-Spine Stretch

-Stand up slowly/inch worm

-Arm pulses with palms up x10

GUEST APPEARANCE: Dear Sally- Squats- Squat up and down/warming up 

THE THANG: 3 Stages

Stage 1:

AMRAP- 12 reps/12 minutes- count how many rounds you can get 

1) Skaters **added challenge- do with weight and do a pull**

2) Weighted Skiers (like KB swings)

3) Back lunges with band (6 each side)

4) Side lunges with band (6 each side)

5) Oblique Crunches

Rest 1 minute

AMRAP- 10 reps/10 minutes- count how many rounds you can get

1) Jump Squats with DB

2) Mountain Climbers/Pushup- 4:1

3) Back leg kicks with band (right leg)

4) Back leg kicks with band (left leg)

5) Russian Twists

Rest 1 minute

Stage 2:

COMPLEX- 10 reps x3

Hammer curl to cross


Front shoulder raise 

Band work:

1 minute wall sit with thigh back thruster

Rest 10 seconds

Repeat x3

Stage 3:

Cardio- ALL OUT- 15 seconds on, 10 seconds off x 8= 2 minutes

Football fast feet- pushing a DB up and down

Cool down- keep moving around/take a lap WALKING/ until HR comes down


Song: Graves into Gardens by Elevation Worship

When you feel ALL  hope is completely gone- there is nothing left, all is lost- God is there. He makes BEAUTIFUL things out of NOTHING. He makes the worst situation into something so beautiful in the end. Just hold on.

Strong Beauties!