Combo Calorie Crusher

When: Thursday, May 13, 2021; Q; Jolt; Pax: Duchess, Rogue, Atomic, Canvas, Luna, Summertime, Mentor, Defender, Deluge, Polish, 007 and Hawkeye; Disclaimer: Workout at your own pace and modify if needed. Use your breath to control your heart rate.


The Thang (inspired by Daily Burn’s Body Blast workout): Six sets of two exercises, each set done twice. For each set, do each exercise for 30 seconds then combo the two together for a minute by doing four reps of each, alternating between the two exercises. Rest for 30 seconds then repeat set before moving to the next. Rest for a minute between each set: (1) Heisman runners / Atomic push-ups (push-up then jump knees in and out while in plank position); (2) Weighted squat to knee drive & punch (opposite knee and arm) / No hand get-ups or big girl sit-ups; (3) Single leg plank walkout / Single leg plyo deadlift (stay on same leg for entire set); (4) Dumbbell snatch / Revolving Squat; (5) Reverse lunge or lunge hold with bicep curl & overhead press / Skier extensions; (6) Single leg bridges / Tabletop switch kicks.


Inspiration: Philippians 4:6-7