DISCLAIMER: I am not a trained professional.

THE THANG: We did a quick warmup to get ready for tri-set burnouts. The 18 different tri-sets were set up for 75 second burnouts that hit legs, chest, shoulders, core, glutes, triceps, delts, etc., etc. We added in some cardio in between to keep the heart rate up, and finished up with a cool down, inspiration and name-a-rama.

PAX: Micro, Hocus Pocus, Windy, Package, Shiplap, Rapking, Mystique, Pipes and a huge welcome to our FNG Smashley!!!

INSPIRATION: Always be kinder than necessary. What goes around comes around. No one has ever made themselves strong by showing how small someone else is. Everyone you meet is learning something, is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something. Live by this and be extra kind today.