Circuit Work

When: Thursday, May 20, 2021; Q: Jolt; PAX: Mentor, Rogue, Amped, Canvas, 007, Ranger, Defender, McQueen, Luna, Deluge, Rookie & Rah Rah; Disclaimer: Work out at your own pace and modify if needed.

Mobile warmup

The Thang: Complete a lower body (LB) circuit three times, with a run and an upper body (UB) superset between each LB circuit. For one LB circuit, do each of the following exercises for 30 seconds with no rest between exercises: thrusters, bridges, s/l bridge – rt, s/l bridge – lft, reverse lunge w/ twist – rt, reverse lunge w/ twist – lft, hip swings, rotating thrusters, s/l deadlift – rt, s/l deadlift – lft, sumo deadlift, sumo plyo combo, leg lifts – rt, leg lifts – lft. UB superset #1: 12 rows/12 flies three times through; UB superset #2: 12 bicep curls/12 dips three times through.

Inspiration: Find joy in the Lord always. James 1:2-3