Movin’ Like a Teacher on the Last Day of School

School’s Out Sing-along-sweat session!!

Warm up – travel with dynamic movements

10 minute movement -small squares

-shuffle, skip, shuffle, run to other side- shuffle, lunge walk, shuffle, run to other side

45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest

Sprawl three squat jumps

4 high skaters, 2 low skaters

Push up to knee tuck or one knee in

4 mountain climbers, 4 high knees

Beast up down to plank up down

4 lunge hops to 2 squat jump together

Full body crunch to v up with pause

Alt reverse lunge with lateral raise

Weighted squat drop weight, squat jump

Plank row, row, stand curl, curl

Kickbacks with calf raises (Jolt’s move)

Boat hold with Hammer curls

Squat curl press

Row, fly

Repeat both


Plank high lunge plank high lunge optional push up

Full body sit upright to hands side and switch

Front leg pull throughs

Wide leg mtn climbers 1,2,3 hold and twist

90-90s constantly alternate

Superwoman to low squat

Full body crunch to reverse table top

Esther 4:14 – “Perhaps you were created for such a time as this.”