Q: Hawkeye

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional – work at your own pace and modify as needed.

PAX: Hop Along, Fromage, Nala, Micro, Grizzly and FNG Juco.

The Thang:

We had a nice quick warmup and then these ladies CRUSHED the plyo workout that got our heart rates going and our muscles burning! 

There were two sets of five rounds. The first set we did no weights and 20 of each exercise in the round and the second set we added weights and did 15/16 each of the exercise. There was not much rest in between to keep the heart rate elevated. We ended with 7 minutes of standing abs and then a nice cool down stretch!! The inspiration was long for the woman who thinks she is not good enough.  You don’t have to live up to everyone’s expectation as you are human, flawed, wonderful, miraculous, lovable, and loved.  Remember – GOD sees us, our hearts and our souls and still assures us of HIS love and HIS promises.  That is such a comfort.