Wave “Hi” To The Team!

Canvas on Q – joined by Defender, Hawkeye, Rogue, and Nomad – burned out their upper bodies on this gorgeous East Tennessee morning!

Warm-Up was nothing special. In fact, it wasn’t much at all but a few stretches …

The Thang: 1 minute each exercise with 15 seconds in between. 1:30 minutes between sets to run/walk and shake-out/stretch the arms!

Shoulder Blasts

Wall Plank

Bench Press

Beast Plank

Tricep Dips

X-Plank (side plank) – Switch half-way through

Bicep Curls

Plank to Catcher Pop-Up

Overhead Press

Plank In-Outs

Alligator Push-Ups

Dolphin Plank (triceps)

Power T’s

Peter Parkers

Rinse and Repeat for time! We did it 2.5 times through so we had time for a little stretch, inspiration, and name-o-rama.


Getting in touch with Ananias, one of my most relatable and favorite person in the Bible. He was thought of as incredibly faithful, yet still doubted a request from God to find, heal, and baptize, Saul (Paul). I have those moments more often than I’d care to admit where I internally say to God, “You want me to do what?” or, “You do know what they did to me, right?” And He does know. He asks this of us for the Great Reconciliation. For His Grace. For our healing and growth with Him and with our Neighbor. He asks this of us to follow His commandment to Love and Serve. I pray today to be as obedient and graceful as Ananias.