Summer Queen – Life’s a Ball workout

Medicine ball, basketball, soccer ball, whatever:

Ball Workout (McQueen) 45 seconds on 15 seconds rest 4 exercises:

Side Shuffle and twist

Crunch up with toe touch

Push up alternate hand on ball

Russian Twist

Cardio Blast (Summertime) – 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest

4 high skaters, 2 low skaters

Squat twist jump

R knee touch R hacky Sack, alternate sides

plank jump in to low squat

McQueen –

Windmill ball slams

Frog squat touch with ball

Burpee with ball

Plank roll outs – switch sides

Summertime –

Roll back to 8 high knees

Squat Hopscotch

Plank heel click to standing heel click

Jack to Star Jack

McQueen –

Toe Taps

Ground to Overhead

V Ups with figure 8 ball pass

Hiccups with ball between feet

Summertime –

Broad jump – run back

3 scissors and lunge

seal jacks

4 mountain climbers, 8 high knees

McQueen –

Lunges – alternate ball pass

Jumps (over ball carefully)

Hand to feet pass (crunch with ball)


Summertime –

Cross Jacks


Side lunge to jump

2 hiccup bottoms to burpee

Mcqueen – each person picks a ball exercise

Summertime – run a lap

McQueen inspiration: We do everything out of fear or love – don’t let the fear outweigh the love