Carrying the Weight

Q: Aria

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional!

PAX: Ranger, Duchess, Hawkeye, 007, Liberty, Luna, McQueen, Grizzly, Velvet, Atomic, Jolt, Viking, 737, Takeout, Contessa

The Thang: Warm Up — Round 1: Carry weight, lunge with weight twist r/l (10 reps), skip or bear crawl to curb, peter parkers (10 reps), skip or bear crawl to weight, and squat press (10 reps) — Round 2: Carry weight, dead lift (10 reps), skip or bear crawl to curb, tricep dips (10), skip or bear crawl, woodchop (10 each side) — Core: side plank, dips, side plank, leg lift, superwomen

Inspiration: The weight you carry can seem heavy, but it is always that much lighter when you remember the sister to right and the sister to your left are helping you carry the weight.