Let’s Get to Kraken

6/23/21 at The Anchor

Roll Call: Rapking (Q), Package, Windy, Shiplap, Hot Buns


Feet shoulder width apart, reach to ground and hold and reach

Arm Circles

10 Good Mornings

5 fire hydrants each leg

5 donkey kicks each leg

Butt Kicks cadence

The Thang

8 cones around any area and in a circle – we used the “swamp” and playground area. Everyone starts at a different station. Do 30 reps of the exercise listed on the cone, then run a lap to the next cone, do 30 reps of that cone’s exercise and keep going. When you’ve finished all 8 rounds, you’ll do it again, but with 20 reps this time, then 10 reps.


  1. Palms-up front raises – Straight arm raises holding lighter weights but with your palms up instead of down)
  2. Suitcases – Start on your back with legs straight but with neck and feet off the ground, then crunch to meet in the middle
  3. Squats – any kind
  4. Side steps to Around the Worlds – hold weights in each hand with palms side facing out – step one foot out to the side while raising both arms from the side all the way up, keeping your arms straight, then reverse and step back in
  5. Russian Twists
  6. Lunges – any kind
  7. Push-ups
  8. Toe touches – Lay on your back with your legs straight up in a 90-degree angle – keep your legs straight up the whole time while you reach for your toes with each rep


“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” -Winston Churchill